This project maps the settings of films in order to answer the question "what places get their stories told in cinema?" Attempts to map filming locations, such as are only partially useful, because they tell us where films are shot, but films often ‘cheat’ and use readily-available places to stand in for harder-to-get ones. The final act of Skyfall (2012), for example, in which James Bond’s ancestral home is destroyed in a firefight, may have been shot primarily on a military base within an hour’s drive of Pinewood Studios, but anyone who has seen the film will tell you it is set in the Scottish Highlands.

At present, the map visualises information about films set in the UK and released to cinemas in the period 2010-2019. It is based on data provided by the British Film Institute. We would like to eventually map British films set outside the UK – such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – and expand our remit to consider other national cinemas, but our current efforts are devoted to analysing UK settings for the period 2000-2009.

For more information about how we decided what to include in the map and how we gathered the data, see the FAQ. To find out who is involved, see the About page.

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