This website is run by Liam Creighton, a filmmaker and a researcher at the University of Kent’s School of Arts. My main area of study is an exploration of the cinematic potential of overlooked parts of England. In order to define the geographical focus of my study I first had to find a way of making visible which parts of the UK are well-represented in film and which parts are not, and so the cine-map was born.

This research would be impossible without the support and input of the following people:


1st PhD supervisor: Dr. Lavinia Brydon
2nd PhD supervisor: Dr. Richard Misek

GIS coder: Beth Manghi

My primary source of data is the British Film Institute, who shared parts of their Filmography raw data with me, and granted me access to the Sight & Sound archives.

Lead BFI contact: Lucy Wales
BFI Head of Publishing: Rob Winter

Thanks to Stephen Follows of Catsnake, whose initial support helped convince me that this was an idea worth pursuing, and who has contributed data that will be included in a future update to the map.

Thanks also to the following people who have offered notes on the various iterations of this project, including but not limited to: Courtney Hopf, Matt Gibson, Alice Helliwell, David W. Brown, Michael Clark, Emilia Czatkowska, Zoe Wible, Caroline Eastwood.