I’m pleased to announce that the cine-map poster I submitted to the BAFTSS 2020 conference has been voted the winner. Apparently it earned 40% of all votes cast, which is heartening. The full podium:

Winner: ‘Cine-Map: The Cinematic United Kingdom.’ Liam Creighton. School of Arts, University of Kent.  

Second place: ‘A Voice over time’. Georgia Brown. Queen Mary University of London. 

Honourable mention: ‘A small nation encounters a big country. Sino-Danish Film Collaborations as a new cross-cultural interaction on screen.’ Poppy Qian Zhai. University College London. 

Congratulations to Georgia and Poppy – their research looks fascinating and it would have been great to discuss it with them in person.

Ordinarily I would have posted a photo of me at the conference with the other winners. The pandemic made that impossible, so instead I’m posting a photo of the sourdough loaf I baked on what would have been day three of the conference. It had good oven spring, a crunchy crust and a soft, well aerated crumb. In short, it tasted like a little victory.

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